Run, moi?

We both used to be quite sporty.  Ok I just snorted out my coffee as I pictured myself at school, reluctantly standing on an icey cold hockey pitch avoiding the ball at all costs.  Zoe and I are sporty but not naturally into exercise – do you know what we mean?  We do know that it’s very, very important to be fit and healthy and were annoyed that our jeans had got a bit squeezy.  So, at Pretty Shady Parasols HQ we decided to take up the couch to 5k running challenge.  We downloaded the free NHS UK app, dusted off our trainers and rummaged in the drawer for our gym leggings.  When we first started out it was a few minutes of running and a few minutes of walking.  It wasn’t easy but it did become bearable, and even more than bearable, in a relatively short time.  Suddenly we were able to have a conversation at the same time as running, without wanting to pass out, and that was an exciting achievement let me tell you. However, it did still seem impossible that in 8 short weeks we’d be running 5km.  We persevered and enjoyed - the motivation it gave us to get out there every morning before work, the catching up time for a natter and the beautiful Dubai weather.  Oh how thankful we are to live in such a gorgeous climate!  What a difference that makes.

So we were feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves until we opened the app come week 3.  We got a bit of a shock when the running part leapt up to a hefty 18 mins. We said to each-other there’s no way. By heck though did we do it and with gusto (and many groans and moans and the occasional wave of nausea).  We’re now able to run for a good 30 mins with no stopping and we feel pretty darn proud of ourselves.  We are only on week 6 but running has had to take a back seat as home schooling takes a front seat once again.   So we’ll keep you posted once we can get back to it.  Perhaps there’s even a half marathon on the horizon.  Snorted out my coffee again. 

What I have taken from it is that exercising with a pal is so much more fun and you really do feel like you would let them down if you don’t go.  It’s a great motivator.  Plus those mythical unicorn endorphins that people spoke of – they really are true! 

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